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Christmas Past

For most people across the world, Christmas is a time of love, laughter and fun. But what about those people who are spending Christmas alone? Those people living their first Christmas without their loved ones?

Two years ago this Christmas I went to my wonderful granddads house, with my dad and older sister, where we cooked Christmas dinner together for the four of us. It was a quiet, peaceful Christmas day, but none the less I was spending it with the people I loved the most.

Sadly, four weeks later, my granddad was taken away from us in the cruellest of ways. No one knew at the time, or had any inkling that it would be my granddads last Christmas. Or that it would be the last Christmas we would get to spend in his amazing company.

The point of this blog post is to remind people to treasure and love the people around you. Not only through this season, but every day. As depressing as it sounds, no one knows what is around the corner. No one knows when it’s the last time they’ll be saying bye to someone. No one knows when it’s the last time you’ll be making memories together.

But, especially in the season of love and goodwill, we should be grateful for the presence around us. There’s nothing more true to me then the message that “some people are so poor, that all they have is money”.

As much as we “want this” and “want that” at Christmas time, we should all take a moment to appreciate who is around us, rather than what is given to us. To stop looking at the material things. To stop thinking the world is complete because you got the best thing ever for Christmas.

Rather we should enjoy and live every minute with the company we share throughout the season, because in the end you’ll only regret that you didn’t. You won’t look back and remember the year you were 16 and got a new eyeshadow palette. So make the memories count more than what is under the tree.

But on a happier note….Merry Christmas.


Hannah xoxoxo

A walk through Sherwood Forest.

One of my favourite places to visit is Sherwood Forest. Where the legend, who was Robin Hood, supposedly lived. For those who don’t know, Robin Hood is best known for “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor” and became a popular folk figure in the late-medieval period. Even today, the major oak tree, which is associated with Robin Hood, is still standing and attracts many tourists to Nottinghamshire.

From being a child I’ve always been an outdoorsy person, especially when it comes to bike riding, which I love. This is one of the reasons I think Sherwood Forest is great. It is a great place for a family day out, with parking costing just £3 for the day, a gift shop on site, for the younger members of the family to get souvenirs such as a Robin Hood bow and arrow.

Also, for people with dogs, it is a dog friendly place (as long as your dog is friendly), there are many different walks to take, so you’ll always be giving your dog a long walk. Furthermore, almost every path you chose to walk will lead to the major oak tree, which is now thousands of years old and held up by scaffolding.

major oak

Signs around Sherwood Forest to the Major oak


However, if you enjoy more adventurous days out, Sherwood Forest Pines, is a ten minute drive further, where you can mountain bike and is also home to Go Ape! And it only costs £1 to park for the day.

If you are into mountain biking, I would recommend Sherwood Forest Pines, as they have tracks labelled for you to do. For example, blue is the easier route, and red being the most difficult route. However, not being excellent at mountain biking, I would even say that the blue route is a challenge, but It is a great place to explore, either on your own or with friends.


Family day out over the Easter Holidays


Go Ape is also a great way to spend your day. I believe you have to be a certain height to take part, however I did Go Ape at about 11 years old, when I was probably about 4 foot something. This isn’t for the faint hearted and especially not for those afraid of heights. The staff show you how to use your harness before going around the course and are really helpful.

Afterwards there is even a Café onsite, although I think after a long day out it is nice to have a picnic, if the weather agrees with you.


Sunny day at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire


So, I would highly recommend an outdoors day in Nottinghamshire, as it is full of nature and has many activities to do.

Hope you enjoy!




My Home.

What makes a house a home? Or does a home even have to be a building? Is it merely just the place you go to find comfort, or even the person who makes you safe? To me, home is where you belong, the little tiny corner of the world, where you find your own place.

Growing up I lived in a newly-built family home, on a very neighbourly estate, till the age of eight when my parents split. I then found I had two houses, in which I had the harsh consequence of packing my life up every weekend, to go to and from each house.

Any child with separated parents will know how annoying and tiring it is to not really know what house is your home, or where you want to go when you feel down and upset. One positive I gained from having two different houses, is that if I was ever upset at one house, I could escape a situation, by running away to the other.


However, then I grew up even more, discovered the world of boys and found by the age of 16, I had 3 houses, in which I very much lived at. So instead of packing my life up to go to and from two houses, I now had a third included, meaning my life revolved around always having a bag full of necessities with me, as I never knew which house I would be at come night time.

Fast forward two years, I’m 18 and off on my new adventure to yet another new home in a brand new city. Nottingham. Here, I discovered many new people, from very varied backgrounds, yet we made our flat a home for us all to live comfortably in. I would very much say I saw Nottingham as my home. I found myself never going back to my actual ‘home’ with my mum.


So, what made Nottingham so different? Independence? Freedom? I was experiencing adulthood for the first time. Doing everything my own way. Maybe the blur of a new life, meant I develop a special love for the city, that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

A home, becomes a home when its a place you feel safe, comfortable and loved. Sometimes, it is a person who makes you feel at home. Sometimes, it’s your favourite place that you discovered as a child. Sometimes, it is simply your family house. Everyone has a different definition of what home is to them, and most of the time, it just isn’t the place you live. It’s your safe place.