What happens when the moment you prayed for becomes your worst nightmare?

That part of your life you were so focused on becomes reality, and it’s far from the vision you wanted as reality.

You got what you so badly wanted, but it’s surrounded by darkness in ways you’ve never been met with before.

It’s ugliness, darkness in all forms and shapes. But you can’t escape it.

Maybe it makes you realise that what you actually had was enough.

Maybe it’s life showing you not to push yourself, to love what was laid out on a path for you. Don’t push yourself.

You can’t change the ugliness, the darkness, the unkindness around you.

Maybe you don’t hold the power to defeat it.

Maybe the only thing you can do, is to be the light you always wanted to be, when darkness keeps coming to destroy you.

Maybe you were meant to get what you prayed for, this is just a lesson to understand how bright your life actually is.

Was it the right decision?



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