A step back in time.

We have to learn lessons ourselves, the hard grueling way, that means you’ll ultimately end up with your heart in pieces, questioning your actions, the what ifs and how thing should have turned out differently, how they should have been different.

Everyone always tells you to listen to your gut, but some times your heart can erode your mind, deceiving you to believe that what your doing is the right thing.

Sometimes, people we’ve left behind, come back into our lives, for reasons at first unknown and possibly forever unknown. But, sometimes we have to let these people back in, just so we…know.

Know what? Know that they are not meant to reside in your mind, that they are not meant to take any more steps next to you, their foot steps are not going down the same road as your delicate feet.

To know that although people can change over time, personality doesn’t change. If an individuals traits once made you stay up late at night wondering what you did wrong, if they turned up five hours later to arrangements and thought nothing wrong of it, if they could go days on end without speaking to you, leaving you in the dark and thinking that’s ok, they still will today. Time does not change who a person is, deep in their soul.

And, the sorry truth is, you can not change a person. No one on this earth can mold someone into their idealistic person and we have to stop trying to. If they were meant to be in your life, it wouldn’t be a struggle to keep them in, it wouldn’t feel like you are constantly trying to win a loosing battle.

Here’s to no longer running back to people who crush us into one million pieces. To no longer opening the door and running back in time. To stepping through a new door, brightly coloured and filled with new potentials and dreams of being a better version of you.



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