To the boy who taught me to love again

For years I ran from any person I could get attached to, because I knew the end result would never be good. There were so many people I wouldn’t let in. But for some reason when you knocked on the door, I unlocked the doors, the windows; anything I could, to let you in.

Some people are meant to come into your life ‘for a season’ and when they’ve taught you what you needed teaching, they leave.

At the time, we don’t always understand the reason, but we don’t always need to understand everything.

Sometimes living in the moment is the best thing to do. Not thinking about the consequences or the downfalls or the lesson. Just live in the present.

I know I could dwell on the loss of a special person in my life. But, I completely understand and know I grew from knowing him, and he taught me a lesson.

He taught me that I could love again.

I didn’t think I’d ever allow anyone to be such a big part of my life again, and without even realising what was happening, I allowed someone in.

I’ll never regret knowing this person. As rocky and crazy a relationship it was- it was also a time that made me really happy.

But, all good things have to come to an end. And it was time to walk away.

But I really believe in the saying that you only fall in love 3 times in your life. He was the second.

“The hard love- that teaches us lessons about who we are and how we want to be loved.”

I’m not saying I’m in love with this person. But I understand I was meant to meet him, to learn about my own needs and wants.

It’s strange when someone leaves your life. All the late night conversations, the inside jokes, the things only you two know.

I’m happy we got to spend the time we did together and the memories created between us both.

He will always remain with me now for the rest of my time.

Because he taught me something I could never teach myself.

And I’ll forever be grateful that our paths cross.



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