Altinkum, Turkey.

The holiday resort of Altinkum is now very different from it’s original description of a small fishing village. But with lots to offer, and a big target for English tourism, it’s the perfect place for a family holiday.

Walking along the beach front of Altinkum, the sea met the sand accompanied with thousands of umbrellas and sun beds. I have to say, I’ve never seen something so English.


If you want a hot, beach side holiday, at a great price,  Turkey is your best bet. And with the current rate being £1 to 8.35 lira, you can’t go wrong.

With the exchange rate being so high this month, it meant we were spending barely any money. A two course meal and 3 rounds of cocktails was costing around £12.

We decided to stray away from the English tourism; me and my friend jumped on a Turkish boat for the day. There are so many boats you can chose to go on for a day trip, all costing £10 and providing lunch.

The boat took us to 5 bays where we jumped into the sea. And I, mistakenly, jumped off the top of the boat (it really hurt).

To add to my bad luck, we decided to swim to an island called ‘paradise island’ at one of the bays. Around 20 minutes later, we noticed the boat preparing to set sail. I don’t think I’ve ever swam so fast in my 20 years.


We met many young Turkish people, so as well as visiting English bars such as Pinocchio’s (where the entertainment is amazing), we also ended up in the Turkish nightclubs. That was an experience.


After buying a bottle of whisky, we both suffered the worst hangover we had ever had.

The two night clubs in Altinkum are called Sensations and Medussa, which both have a beach club open in the day.

After we started drinking vodka red bulls, which we requested to be “very strong”, at 12pm, we were completely white girl wasted when it came to the family meal that evening. We were that late, we even had to jump on the back of a motorbike to get across the town.

We also visited the small fishing village named Akbuk, around forty minutes from Altinkum. Here, there are less tourists and restaurant’s serving the most beautiful food.







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