I went vegan for a week and here’s what happened.

Sorry to all hippy vegan fanatics, but you won’t like this post. A short week of being vegan caused me many difficulties, even with my health. Maybe I don’t have the will power that other people do or I just had a bad time being vegan. But here is what happened.

My usual breakfast consists of fat free natural yoghurt, porridge oats and strawberries. Obviously I didn’t have to change much in my breakfast, just the yoghurt. I changed my yoghurt to Alpro simply plain.

My first problem was discovering how much more expensive it was to stick to my meals, but vegan. For my usual yoghurt it costs 60p, Alpro cost £1.50. Imagine I eat about two tubs a week, that’s nearly £2 more a week.

I know what you’re thinking, I could’ve probably got a cheaper brand, but I’m new to the vegan thing, and so just bought from the shelves of Tesco.

Now, being the traditional Yorkshire girl that I am, I absolutely LOVE tea. And I’m not joking, I think I drink around ten to fifteen cups a day (yes, I know that’s bad).  So I had to swap from semi-skimmed milk, to soya milk. I chose the Alpro milk, which was also around £1.50.

Since trying to be vegan for a week, I have continued to buy both the yoghurt and the milk, because I actually really like them.

But, this is where I faced another problem. Because I suddenly put lots of soya into my diet, I’ve had the worst bloat ever. To the point where it just won’t go away. So, unfortunately I’m going to have to reduce the soya from my diet (even though I really like it).

However, I didn’t really struggle with lunch and dinner. I often had vegetables and tofu. Or I home made meals such as a spicy 5 bean soup.

Something I found really useful was the Vegan student cook book. The meals in there are amazing. I would recommend the book to everyone, even if you’re a meat eater.

I hold my hands up to vegans though. I’m currently vegetarian and would like to cut down consuming animal products as much as I can, but I did find it difficult.

Even eating vegetarian food such as sausages wasn’t allowed, as they contained egg and milk. Maybe its my own fault I wasn’t successful, as I wasn’t imaginative enough with the meals I was making.

But after too much tofu, terrible bloating and not even being able to eat lurpack butter, I had to give it up.

Although I’m continuing to try and cut down my animal consumption, by using soya yoghurt. but changing to rice and almond milks and I no longer eat eggs.

Apologies to any vegans who are offended by this post. But I did find the diet was hard to stick to as so many products contain dairy. But if anyone has any tips, please feel free to leave a comment!





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