Did you get stuck in the Pai hole?

It was never part of my ‘plan’ to go to northern Thailand. But after hearing the hype about Pai, I cut my time in Vietnam short, to go explore the infamous place.

If you’re going to Pai, you first have to go round 700+ bends to get there. I recommend taking motion sickness tablets before hand. It’s 4 hours of constant bends.

Everyone I spoke to about Pai told me to stay at the Famous Circus hostel. I paid around £5 a night, and although it was stunning, I wouldn’t recommend staying there.

Pai has a very hippy vibe. At the hostel (and everywhere else) people would be smoking cannabis and practicing their circus skills.

Instead of getting involved me and some girls I met did sunset yoga (in the rain). Sunset yoga was on the bucket list since the start of Thailand and I only got round to it at the very end!

Nevertheless it was so funny. And taught me how inflexible I actually am.

That night we watched the England semi finals, and discovered Pai by night. A vodka lemonade was 60 baht, just over £1. Things got messy. I ended up getting home on the back of a motorbike with two random French girls…

Me and my friends, Chiara and Lauren, went on a tour the next day around Pai, as we didn’t want to ride the bikes. The tour cost 300 baht, which is about £6.90.

We jumped in waterfalls, went to the white Buddha, the caves, the viewpoint, and ended up at the Pai Canyon for sunset (and cool photos).

That day was another that I’ll remember forever. We sat on the Pai Canyon with three South Korean girls who had all smoked before climbing the canyon and it was so funny.

Besides the humour, it was another moment where I felt so happy and grateful for everything around me.

Pai was an incredible place, and I would definitely go if you’re visiting Thailand.

Unfortunately I didn’t get stuck in the Pai hole.



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