Chiang Mai: my first solo adventure

My body was unable to sleep all night, flooding with anxiety of what was going to happen in the next few weeks. A 20 year old girl tackling Asia alone, I was excited but overwhelmed with the fear of the unknown.

Looking back at the emotions I felt that night makes me now laugh. I can’t ever believe I was worried about traveling alone.

After a 4am start to the airport, I arrived in Chiang Mai at around 2pm. After sitting in the reception attempting to make friends and not communicating with anyone I felt so overwhelmed at the new challenge in my life and headed to my dorm.

I’ve never made a better decision. I met a girl name Chiara, who was from Italy, and she changed my adventure for the better.

We spent the day together, with a girl from Holland called Emilie, riding bikes through Chiang Mai, getting stuck in a storm and seeing the temples at night.

It had to be one of the best days yet. I lived every part in the moment and I have never felt so peaceful.

Chiang Mai is such a beautiful city and probably was in my top 3 favourite places in Thailand. I’d encourage everyone to do the north as well as the south.

The next day we visited more temples together and then went to the street markets at night. We ate street food, saw lady boys and experience the city by night.

I also did a trek through a guided tour, as I didn’t want to ride a motorbike. The trip was great and the guide was so funny.

We swam in waterfall, trekked for two hours (ate a flower), drank fresh coffee, and went to the highest point in Thailand (and coldest).

My favourite part of the day was when the tour guide got a tea leaf and said to a woman on the tour “you have big vagina, you drink this tea, you have small vagina”.

I met a girl on the island who said to me when you travel solo “you’re alone, but you’re never actually alone” and I’ve never agreed with a statement more.



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