Thailand top tips

After a month in Thailand I’ve learnt a lot of things. Some things I’ve learnt the hard way through bad experiences, but some knowledge I’ve learnt through the people I have met.


If you’ve read my Koh Tao blog, you’ll know I had a crash on a motorbike. I ended up paying 10,000 baht, which is around £250 for a few scratches on the bikes paint work. In the situation I didn’t know what to do and had already haggled the man down. Through my traveling I now know I should have called the tourist police in Thailand. I paid the money because the man had my passport, apparently this is illegal. So if you have a crash, and are in a similar situation ring the tourist police. I also met people along the way who only paid 590 baht, about £11, when they had actually smashed the bike up.My best advice is if you can’t drive a motorbike at home, don’t drive one in Asia.You live and you learn.

Always carry enough money with you

After being scammed on the way to Koh Phi Phi from Koh Phangan, all my money had gone. I took 500 baht, thinking it was enough for lunch and the cost of my hostel. On the way there the travel woman made up pay even more money. Luckily I was with a friend who could pay for my lunch.

Also when we got to Phi Phi you have to pay 20 baht to get onto the island.

Don’t plan

It sounds so silly and not sensible, but the best times I’ve had over in south east Asia, are the times where I’ve just woke up and thought “I’ll go there today”.

I never planned to go to the north of Thailand, and it turned out that Chiang Mai was one of the best places of my whole trip. And I wasn’t even going to go!!

Be social

Travelling alone was an exciting but nervous thought for me. It’s turned out to be amazing.

When you travel you’re never actually alone. There’s always people around you, you just have to make effort if you want to meet people.

One night I just went to the bar and asked a girl if I could sit with her and then ended up spending the next two night together. It’s that simple.

Travel alone

I started the trip off with a friend, who wasn’t as keen on traveling as I was, so decided to go home. I had an amazing time with my friend and we made great memories, and saw a lot of weird things.

But traveling alone is so different. You have a freedom to do what you want to do 24/7. Which is very nice.

Although it sounds lonely, it really isn’t. I haven’t ate alone once yet. I’ve only actually been alone when I’ve booked on a tour, and even then I’ve met lots of new people.

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