Koh phi phi

The island that was made famous from the film “The Beach”. Discovering the 1 mile Long Island, it was clear to me why the characters were so desperate to get to Maya Beach.

I want to start this post off by warning people about transport to koh phi phi. Many people go from Koh Phangan to koh phi phi, and be warned. You will be scammed.

We paid 800 baht to get a bus and a boat across to the next island. The lady told us we would be picked up in the taxi at 6am and get there for 3:30pm. This did not happen.

After the boat journey we got on the bus and as we were exhausted from the last few days, we fell asleep.

When we woke up, the whole bus was told to get off. We were then sent to a travel agents down the street.

Long story short the lady told us we had missed our bus to the pier for the second boat, and that we had to stay in Krabi or pay 480 baht to get a taxi and mini bus to the pier.

At this point we didn’t even know where in Thailand we were, so they knew they would get money out of us.

We later met two men who had had the same problem. But they argued with the Thai people and didn’t have to pay. They knew they would get money out of two stranded young girls.

At 7:30pm we FINALLY arrived from 6am that morning.

The next day we did an island tour for 400 baht, which is about £9! It started at 1pm and ended at 7:30pm.

If you’re going to visit phi phi I’d really recommend doing a tour.

We went to monkey beach, maya beach, and went swimming and snorkelling. It’s such a beautiful island and you should see it all.

The next day we did the view point at 8am before leaving for Phuket. Wow. It was so hard to climb.

I’d do view points in the morning or evening, when there’s less people so you really get to appreciate the view.



One thought on “Koh phi phi

  1. I recently took a tour of the Phi Phi Islands (through a tour company). We were stuck due to low tide, left much later than planned, 3 people stepped on sea urchins, and wow did we have some rough water….things never seem to go as planned at Phi Phi, but it’s a beautiful place to visit. I hope it was worth it after you FINALLY got there!

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