Leaving my heart, soul (and dignity) in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the infamous island for the full moon party, it has much more beauty than just partying. But due to our severe hangovers we never saw that part.

Arriving to the island by boat, our hostel Lazy House shenanigans was just a five minute walk from the pier. (You wouldn’t believe how much you can sweat in five minutes).

I booked the hostel after reading a blog that recommended it. And I couldn’t fault the hostel at all. You had to book a five night stay, which ended up costing us about £55. But it was worth every penny.

The beds were like bricks, but people are there to party, so you don’t really care what your bed feels like.

When we arrived we went and had a cocktail by the pool. It was 100 baht for one, which went us into a very deep tipsy conversation. The alcohol is strong out here.

Our first night we made friends with a couple and went out with them and some others from the hostel. It was one of my favourite nights.

I spent the evening dancing along the beach and walking along the sea, with someone who was an ultimate stranger, but yet felt like a friend, it was such a nice feeling.

The night didn’t end so well, as my travel buddy drank too much and spent the night hysterically crying. (Watch your limits out here). None the less I was on cloud 9.

Fast forward one night and it was the jungle party. It cost 700 baht, around £15 to go.

We paid 100 baht each to go in a tuk tuk to the jungle. The whole way there we were sat singing at the top of our voices any song that popped into someone’s head. It was such a nice moment, everyone from different countries just joining in and coming together.

The jungle party was amazing. After drinking red bull (again) we were wired for hours. There’s definitely a reason it’s illegal in other countries.

We danced, we drank, we even saw the Irish boys from our hostel have a fight in the wrestling ring.

Next day the full moon came and we all got ready in our neon paint and headed down. I went alone to the party with people I met at the hostel, and it was so amazing.

It was a crazy night, full of memories that will stay with me forever.

I met people here, that had big and small impacts on my journey and taught me things I didn’t know I needed teaching. I’m so glad they were part of the journey.



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