When death island lives up to it’s name

After being surrounded by the busy, hectic atmosphere of Bangkok for two days, we decided it was time for the islands. Time to relax, unwind, and sit by the sea, taking in the views. Little did we know it wouldn’t go that way…at all.

Whilst in Bangkok we booked our hostel for two nights at Koh Tao at Summer Hostel.

After selecting an early check in of 9am, the lady at reception told us we still couldn’t check in until 12pm. When you’ve been travelling for 16 hours over night on a bus, it’s not what you want to hear. What you want is a nice warm shower, to get changed and feel clean.

We decided to go get dressed in some of the toilets and headed down to the beach for an hour.

It was sooo nice to see sand and the sea after being in a huge city. Little did we know that this was when the bad luck would start.

Afterwards, we went back to the hostel, checked in, showered and went down to rent a bike.

To rent a motorbike for 24 hours it cost 150 baht, which is about £3.40, and you have to hand your passport in.

As the man walked me to the bike of death, I began to worry. My mind, heart and stomach were telling me not to get on the bike.

I turned to the man and told him that I’d never been near a motorbike in my life, never mind ridden one through an island I hadn’t been to before.

He showed me how to start the bike and let me ride it up and down. He told me “I’m nervous for you but it’s ok”, and let me continue off on the cursed machine.

Every time I started the bike it had the jumpy start of a bungee jump, scaring me an awful lot, but once we were on a straight road I felt comfortable driving.

We hadn’t planned to go to Koh Tao, so didn’t know anything about the island. Our plan was to drive to the view points.

Little did I process just how steep the hills would be to get there. I was screaming like a child the whole way up. It was the steepest hill I’ve ever seen.

Half way up I said I can’t do this. My mind didn’t at this point recognise that a lot of foreshadowing had happened.

We then missed the stop for the view point as we were too preoccupied with adrenaline and fear to take in the surroundings.

Once we got to the beach at the bottom, the horror dwelled on us both that we had to get back up and down the hills to reach the hostel.

This is when it all went wrong.

I was driving in front down into an unknown death trap. I noticed Alicia had stopped at the top, so when I reached the bottom I waited for her, and stupidly (but funny to look back on) decided to record her.

As I stopped the phone recording, the front of Alicia’s bike crashed into the back of mine, hurdling two bikes on to me, and trapping Alicia’s legs between the two.

If there’s ever an opportunity to say I have people looking down on me, it was that day. I came out of the accident without even a scratch on my body.

However, Alicia ended up getting engine burn on her leg, which days later is still very, very bad.

The horror didn’t stop here. We noticed we scratched the bike and took it back to the man to which he wanted 15,300 baht (£400) FOR A SCRATCH.

Overwhelmed and honestly just wanting to get the price down, I burst into tears (embarrassing). Because of my crocodile tears we ended up paying £200. Which is still ridiculous.

The next day the worst storm ever began and so we were stuck in the hostel.

On the next morning, we were setting off at 8:45am to Koh Samui. The storm was the worst weather I have ever witness. And they let us sail.

The boat was full of people throwing up, pale faces and sick people. I physically couldn’t even move to speak to Alicia the whole way.

So to anyone going to Koh Tao: I just wouldn’t. It is a dangerous island. DON’T rent a bike anywhere unless you know you can ride one. And if you get on a boat in a storm, best of luck.

P.S we did get to meet a dog with pink hair



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