First stop: Bangkok

Bangkok lived up to its reputation. The crazy atmosphere of koh san road. The beautiful temples. The cheap massages and wild tuk tuk men. (But no one warned us about the smell).

We stayed at the Warm white hostel, located literally two minutes away from the infamous koh san road. The hostel did all it needed for us. A bed for the first night, air con and a shower. The shower room was communal, but if you’re wanting to backpack anywhere, you can’t expect luxury (or it’s just not for you!). The room cost about £7, which is more than we paid for other hostels. But, we had just traveled around 16 hours and so we booked a private room. In the day, like every tourist, we decided to get a massage whilst waiting to check in to our room. And yes Thai massages do hurt! We paid 150 baht for half an hour which is about £3. But it’s a great thing to experience. We then had our first Thai meal. Being a vegetarian everyone told me it would be easy for me to eat. It hasn’t. I’ve mostly had to ask for tofu and vegetables as it’s not on the menus. But for our first dish, I had morning glory and rice. It was amazing. I urge people to try it! If you’re planning on travelling anywhere, you really should try their food, it’s part of experiencing a different culture. Although I would definitely stay away from the street food. At night we went up to the roof top on our hostel and had some beers with the other guests. I’m not a beer drinker, and never will be, but the beer in the hostel cost 70 baht, around £1.50. The hostel was sociable and we ended up going down koh san road, with the other guests. If you plan to go down at night, be PREPARED. They’re people coming at you left right and centre offering you things in the day, but at night time it’s ten times worse. If you do want to buy something off the people, haggle it as much as you can, they’ll literally give you things for next to nothing. We drank buckets which cost 100 baht, so around £2.30. You could choose your spirit and mixer and they were really nice. The next day we got on a tuk tuk for 40 baht each, which is about £0.90! He took us around all the temples in Bangkok and was even our personal tour guide and photographer at one of them!But if a tuk tuk man says he will take you places, do be careful. He then kept taking us to student tourism places, so that we would buy trips with them (which we didn’t). He told us at the end he does this because it gives him free coupons.Although it was a good day, we ran out of time to see the floating markets, which we wanted to see, as he spent about an hour taking us to the tourism shops! The next day we planned to leave. Bangkok is beautiful. But very hectic. And after travelling, we really just wanted to sit on the beach. We booked our transfer at a travel shop for 800 baht, around £17. This included a night bus and a speed boat to Koh Tao. A night bus sounds awful. It was actually comfier then our plane journey. The seats recliner and we fell asleep straight away. The weird part was we were dropped off at a restaurant 3am-5am waiting for another transfer to the pier, which we wasn’t told would happen. The boat then took about 2 hours (they told us 1 hour 30). Although, it wasn’t a crammed boat like all other travellers told me. Our bags were all stored together and then there were seats. So it wasn’t that unpleasant, just a rocky sea!! Overall, Bangkok was a great experience, I’ll definitely be going back before the end to see the floating markets! So if you’re planning on going, be prepared for the weirdest smells, people in your face, beautiful temples and cheap drinks. Hannah xoxoxo

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