Chance or choice?

Do things in our lives happen due to chance or choice? I believe we all have a choice in what we do, but is it down to fate that we make that choice?

I’m a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, and not to get too philosophical but my mind believes that we already have a mapped out life, and that everything choice we make is because of chance.

There’s many events that have happened in my life recently, in which I can guarantee were down to chance and not choice.

I’m going to Asia in the summer to go backpacking, and yes that was a choice I subconsciously made, however I wouldn’t be able to go if I didn’t have my inheritance. So, I think it is chance that I’m going. If it wasn’t for something being left behind for me, the trip wouldn’t be happening. I would never have had the chance to go. And I feel that there is a reason I’m going this summer, a reason I never touched the money I easily could have spent elsewhere.

Many times in my life I’ve beaten myself up for not telling people how I feel about them, until I’ve lost them. But I now see that it is fate that I never told them. For some reason gravity forced them into my life, but not for the reasons I thought they did.

There’s a reason behind every what if, every waited too long to say it. But maybe they are meant to be a lesson in your life. It’s fate in my eyes, that people are put in your life. They are in your life at a certain point to teach you something before the real test begins.

My mum once sent me a Dr Seuss poem titled “A reason, a season, a lifetime.” At the time I was upset and it made me cry as I had lost someone important in my life. But when I now read the email, it makes complete sense to me.

Sense in the way that an unhappy poem makes me feel uplifted. Because I understand now.  People are put in our lives by chance to teach us a lesson. On the point that I was too scared to tell someone how I felt, I now believe that it was because they were only ever meant to be in my life for a season and to teach me a lesson. Now they’ve served their purpose, there’s no longer a need for the relationship.

So I believe that it was my choice, my fear of rejection that stopped me from saying something, but ultimately it was chance that made me feel that way. I wasn’t meant to mean anything or be anything with the person, they were simply a learning curve, to put me on the path I needed to get where I’m meant to be.

It’s a strange concept; whether we are making our own life decisions or is fate making them for us. But I know what I think. And I think it’s fate.

What’s your opinion? Would be great for people to leave their views in the comments for a discussion and wider views on the subject!








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