Microblading Review

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing using a small blade, to create eyebrows.

Having fair hair resulted in me having literally no eyebrows. Which, as a girl in the era where it seems everyone is obsessed with each others brows was a hard concept to indulge.

For as long as I remember my friends always laughed at me for it. I’m not one to take things too seriously, but being 19 with bad eyebrows was a sentence I no longer wanted to be able to associate myself with.

I tried methods like HD brows, but it never did anything for me. As well as having hardly any eyebrows, they weren’t the shape I wanted and with them being so small, it was pretty much impossible for any beautician to change the shape.

So, in the summer of 2017, I plucked up the courage to have my eyebrows microbladed. Because, really I had nothing to lose.

Before and after the first treatment.

The Process:

I booked in with a lady called Courtney, who is mobile in Sheffield. She came to my house, where she first explained the process.

The first thing she asked me was ‘What shape do you want?’. I had no clue. In honesty, I hadn’t even really researched what microblading even was, I simply knew it was semi-permanent tattooing.

Since, I had no clue, Courtney helped me through the decision, and drew them on first so I knew what they’d look like in the end.

I had numbing cream on for around 20 minutes, which really I believe is just a psychological thing.

Then, the actual microblading started. She used a tiny blade to make scratches that are hair like, and then put the ink on them.

This is an honest review of microblading. It killed. It was not a nice pain and my eyes were watering by the end. However, it only took around ten minutes for both eyebrows to be completed.

I personally have a really good pain threshold, and although it did hurt, I would go through the pain a hundred more times.

Around 4 weeks later I had to have them done again for the second time. In between the two appointments my eyebrows were very scabby as they were healing.

Appearance whilst healing

So, in the healing time, they do scab up. But you have to just not touch your eyebrows, which is hard as they will itch quite a bit. Showering was also a task as I couldn’t get water on my eyebrows (there were many days of my mum washing my hair over the bath). After around a week, I had to apply coconut oil every night.

I would say my eyebrows took maybe twelve days to heal each time, but everyone is different and everyone’s body will react differently.

Having my eyebrows microbladed, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They look so real and not one person has even known I’ve had my eyebrows  are semi-permanently tattooed on (until they read this).

If you are thinking of having them done, my advice would be to go for it 100%

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