Christmas Past

For most people across the world, Christmas is a time of love, laughter and fun. But what about those people who are spending Christmas alone? Those people living their first Christmas without their loved ones?

Two years ago this Christmas I went to my wonderful granddads house, with my dad and older sister, where we cooked Christmas dinner together for the four of us. It was a quiet, peaceful Christmas day, but none the less I was spending it with the people I loved the most.

Sadly, four weeks later, my granddad was taken away from us in the cruellest of ways. No one knew at the time, or had any inkling that it would be my granddads last Christmas. Or that it would be the last Christmas we would get to spend in his amazing company.

The point of this blog post is to remind people to treasure and love the people around you. Not only through this season, but every day. As depressing as it sounds, no one knows what is around the corner. No one knows when it’s the last time they’ll be saying bye to someone. No one knows when it’s the last time you’ll be making memories together.

But, especially in the season of love and goodwill, we should be grateful for the presence around us. There’s nothing more true to me then the message that “some people are so poor, that all they have is money”.

As much as we “want this” and “want that” at Christmas time, we should all take a moment to appreciate who is around us, rather than what is given to us. To stop looking at the material things. To stop thinking the world is complete because you got the best thing ever for Christmas.

Rather we should enjoy and live every minute with the company we share throughout the season, because in the end you’ll only regret that you didn’t. You won’t look back and remember the year you were 16 and got a new eyeshadow palette. So make the memories count more than what is under the tree.

But on a happier note….Merry Christmas.


Hannah xoxoxo

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