My first ever blog post

Today I found the web link for the first blog I made in 2014. Take a read. I think this shows I was too much of a good girl in school…

‘A-level stress’

From the beginning on the year, I think it’s fair to say there is a LOT of work. We can sometimes wonder why we do it all. But with the pressure of universities, or going into a full time job after, we know we have to continue. And what’s worse then trying to balance education, part time work and a social life, never mind the few hours of sleep we manage a night.

I think it’s right to have a balance in life, if you stress yourself that much, you aren’t going to perform to your best ability. I’ve spent some time researching and thinking about what is helpful to me when I’m stressed… here’s my top 5:

1. If your revising for school, or doing coursework, too much stress will just result in a mind block, therefore it is fine to take a break from the work.
2. Make a timetable of your studies, for example, an hour study on one subject, dinner, then rest, after you can revise again.
3.START EARLY! The best idea is to just start making revision props as soon as you start the course, this way when it’s time to revise you don’t have to waste time making revision props.
4. If you’re going for a job for money, make sure you tell them your situation. Is education most important to you? Let them know it’s your priority and be honest about the hours you can work for them.
5. RELAX!! Spend quality time with friends and families, you don’t want to look back and remember your teenage years studying…do you?

One thought on “My first ever blog post

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience on here. As times goes by, we are all getting mature and more responsibility in life. I personally had to deal and continue to face daily challenges, but through endless persistence, ever-learning mindset and taking action, I strongly believe that you will be able to overcome any toughest hardship in this lifetime.
    Have a beautiful day and cheers from your Vietnamese American friend in Germany!


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