To many people, the word ‘journalist’ means nosy, annoying, media type. Yes, it does mean you must be ‘nosey’, or maybe interested in finding things out – but it is a lot more than just that.

Politics is not a passing idea – it’s your life.

Being a student journalist means you must learn all about politics. If you’re thinking about studying journalism, I would get a head start and begin getting involved in politics, learn your left wing from right wing, know how the voting system actually works, and even the structure of your local authority (yes, that’s a thing).

You need to be willing to ask the questions.

Part of being a journalist, even as a student, is having the confidence to talk to people and get good quality answers out of them. For some, this comes naturally, but for others, it is a hard task. If you’re doing an interview, really prepare for it and research into the person/the topic so that you can make the most out of it.

Prepare to be ignored, a lot.

One of the first things you will do as a student journalist, is Vox pops. What’s that you ask? Walking up to random people in the street and asking them questions. Yes, you will get shut down by most people no matter how many times you do Vox pops. But the best journalists don’t give in, or you’d never get decent information.

You’ll need to carry heavy equipment around.

Doing broadcast, means you do TV and radio work. Throughout the year, you will go out with cameras and tripods, which you’ll have to carry around yourself. And being a student usually means you don’t have a car. That means, long walking with heavy equipment. No need to even gym!

It will be the best thing you ever do.

Being a journalist is the most enjoyable job you could have. Finding out interesting information from people means no day is like another. You’ll be amazed by what you can find out, which you never knew before. You’ll meet new people every day, and always be kept on your feet.

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