It’s Time To Say Yes.

Time and time again, I’ve told my self that I will do something challenging and exciting. But, like most people I live a very dull ordinary life. So it’s always been more of a ‘action speak louder than words’ kind of thing, in the sense that I’ve always said I would do things, but never actually do them.

So, when I got an email saying I could go to Peru and climb to Machu Picchu for a charity, I did what I normally do and imagined going. I imagined how amazing it would be, how lucky I was to have this opportunity and how much fulfilment I would get out of trekking to Machu Picchu, whilst raising money for charity.

I decided to pay for my trip, and go and explore Peru. This was the day I started saying yes.

I’ve said yes to committing to trek for six hours a day with 5kg-10kg on my back, for a fantastic charity called Childreach International. The charity works to help children in five countries, have a better more fulfilling life.

It’s a fantastic opportunity as I will be raising a goal of £2895 to go to the charity, whilst at the same time I will have the experience of a life time exploring Peru.

I’m doing something I’ve never done and actually leaving the small village I live in and exploring a different part of the world, with people who will hopefully become my new friends.

I have a donations page set up to help me reach my target set, I am hoping to get £250 by the 19th December, so I will be fully on my way to my target.

You can also donate £3 by texting UNLOCK 193923 to 70007!

I’m grateful for any donations big or small!


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